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For emergencies, please contact us at (310) 796-1393.

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Contact Phone Email
Office (310) 796-1393  
Fax (310) 546-3922  
Cesar Navarro - Quotes Team Manager (310) 861-2210
Andrew Thomas - Senior Carrier Consultant (310) 861-2216 
Omar Caputo - Carrier Consulant (310) 861-2246
Liam Macdonald - Carrier Consultant (310) 861-2204
Joshua Escobar - Carrier Consultant (310) 861-2208
Andy Torres - Carrier Pricing Specialist (310) 861-2201
Denise Navarro - Carrier Pricing Specialist (310) 861-2241
Geoff Brackemyre - Carrier Pricing Specialist (310) 861-2205
Gabriel Park - Carrier Pricing Specialist (310) 861-2218
Tommy Reyes - Carrier Pricing Specialist (310) 861-2215
Portal Help (310) 796-1393
Yuliya Mammadova - Controller (310) 861-2214
Kristie Vetter - Commissions Specialist (310) 861-2219
Joseph Sacro - Commissions Specialist (310) 861-2203
David Holmes - Commissions Specialist (310) 861-2209
David Haynes - Commissions Specialist (310) 861-2245
Trae Guinn - Commissions Specialist (310) 861-2202
Accounting/Commissions Supervisor:    
Drew Kenworthy (310) 861-2213
SVP of Sales & Marketing, Agent Sales Support:    
Eric Beller (310) 861-2211
Marketing Coordinator:    
Jessica Cunha (310) 861-2243
Operations Supervisor:    
Nicole Kull (310) 861-2207
Office Administrator:    
Krystal Campos (310) 861-2240
Sales, Admin & Agent Support:    
Caitlin Bauman - Sales and Marketing Specialist (310) 861-2244
Emily Vavrek - Agent Liaison (310) 861-2242
Keith McKinnie - Agent Liaison (310) 861-2251
Cellular Support:    
Quotes Team
Southwestern U.S. Regional Channel Manager:    
Paul Seeley (214) 269-3222


Office Phone:    (310) 796-1393
In this impersonal world of email, blogs and Twitter, we want you to feel comfortable calling our office. Our investment in people is what sets us apart from typical master agencies. If you have questions of any kind, feel free to pick up the phone and call us.
Our back office support team answers every call. If the specialist that answers the phone cannot immediately answer your question or solve your problem, he or she will work to get the answer for you or direct you to the party that can assist you (if this party is on the phone or away from the desk, leave a voice mail -- we always return calls promptly).
If your question is time sensitive or critical, please emphasize this point in your message. Also, you can directly contact any of our carriers if you have an emergency situation. Carrier emergency contact information is on our portal at the following link: Carrier Emergency Contacts
We pride ourselves on our service to our agents and want to provide all of our agent partners with a great experience working with Sandler Partners.
Our commitment to you is to ALWAYS:
1.      Treat you in a professional manner.
2.      Return your calls - via voice or e-mail - within one business day, or within four hours for a critical or time-sensitive matter.
3.      Resolve your problems.
4.      Give you accurate, complete information.
If at any time we do not live up to this commitment, Alan wants to know about it. Contact him by e-mail (, by telephone at the office 310-796-1393 or on his mobile 310-936-3392.
Alan will address your concerns openly or confidentially (per your request) with the members of the Sandler Partners team. Your concerns will help us train our internal team to provide better support to you as our valued partner.
Fax:   (310) 546-3922
When you send a fax to Sandler Partners, it will be managed by our fax server. We receive a large number of faxed contracts, agent agreements and other critical business documents every day. To ensure prompt service, please include a fax cover sheet that includes details such as:
·       Your name
·       Your contact information (even if it is hand-written, give us your phone number)
·       Who you want to receive the fax
·       The reason for the fax so that we can respond appropriately
As a Sandler Partners Agent, you have two options when it comes to requesting a quote for services from our carriers: 1.) go direct to a carrier’s Agent Manager or 2.) use our dedicated Quotes Team to generate a proposal.
Please note that direct communication with a carrier's Agent Managers entitles you to higher commissions. However, you can contact our Quotes Team with general questions about products and carrier recommendations at anytime and still retain the higher commissions by contacting the carrier's Agent Managers yourself for quotes. Carrier Agent Manager contact information is listed on the carrier pages in our Carrier Library. Note that there are a few carrier exceptions that will not work directly with our agents and require our Quotes Team for quotes.
If you want our Quotes Team to gather the competitive carrier quotes for your customer, please send an email to

Quotes Team Process:
Our goal is to have an internal team member respond to your quote request within four hours, whether or not your quote is fully finished, so that you will be informed of the carrier pricing specialist assigned to your quote. Our team always offers at least three potential quotes or three carrier contact recommendations to help you to narrow down your options for a customer. 

When you submit your quote request, please provide us with as much information as possible so that we may respond with a useful and presentable proposal. The more information we obtain upfront can assist in a faster and more efficient proposal generation. To get your quote started, please either fill out this Form or send our Quotes Team an email with this basic information:


  • Agent Information (agent requesting the quote): 
  • Commission tier preference for this opportunity: 
  • Customer business name (required by some carriers and helps for internal tracking): 
  • Customer term preference (1, 2 or 3 year or month to month): 
  • How soon does the customer need service? 
  • How many locations does the customer have?
  • If multiple location, please attach a list of service addresses to the email.
  • Service Address: 
  • Service Address Phone Number:
  • Service type needed (voice, data, please explain):
  • Current carrier and contract status (if applicable):
  • Customer budget (if applicable): 
  • Carrier preferences to quote or avoid: 
  • For Data:

    • How much bandwidth is needed?
    • Dedicated connection or low cost high speed internet?
  • For voice:

    • Does the customer have a phone system? If so, does it use PRI, SIP or analog handoff?
    • How many lines (call paths) are needed?
    • Is the customer interested in Hosted VoIP? If so, how many phone handsets do they have today?
  • Are there any other general notes for this quote request?
It's important to understand the customer's current carrier agreement and whether or not they can change their services to another provider without paying early termination penalties. Unless the customer understands the costs of breaking a contract, we advise not to request new quotes if your client is still under contact and not able to move for 12 months or more since pricing, services and carriers could change over time.
Please note that if you are requesting a quote from Verizon or AT&T  for your client, these carriers require us to have the customer's business name in order to verify if they are a protected customer. If we provide erroneous information and your client accepts the quote, we will have to re-segment the customer to see if the new business name is protected and there is a chance we will not be able to offer the service. 
Additional note: Some agents are self-sufficient, work all hours of the night, and do not want to wait to get a quote or multiple quotes, i.e. you want to see quotes instantly. For those agents, we have an instant quote tool available (ask us for more information if you are in interested in the program -- there is an annual fee for the program that can be waived in future years based on production).
In order to be paid commissions, you must be certain that you send an executed copy (as an attachment) of the signed customer contract to in addition to sending the contract to the carrier (even if you worked directly with the carrier). When you attach the contract, please let us know in the body of the email if you are expecting a SPIFFS from the carrier so we can track it for you (always ask the agent manager for SPIFFS in an email and keep a copy of the response). Also, please include:
  • Customer Company Name (in the heading and body of your message):
  • Name of SP Support Person (if support given): 
  • Level of Support (Tiers 1-4 or description of support):
  • Carrier (Telepacific, Paetec, etc):
  • Agent Manager (The carrier agent manager who received the order):
  • Contract Term (1, 2, 3 year, mtm, etc.):
  • MRC (total monthly recurring charges):
  • Product sold (T1, PRI, MPLS, etc):
  • Is there a SPIFF? Expected amount?:
  • Contract signed date (date signed by customer):
  • Estimated turn-up / activation date:
  • BTN (if available):
  • Split commission (if commissions are split between you and other agent, please specify agent name, company name, and commission split):  
Carrier Orders (also include):
  • Order number: 
  • Sales log tracking #:
  • BTN:
Sandler Partners offers an alternative to residual commissions as part of our Pay Me Now program. Sandler Partners can issue you a one-time payment as an alternative to residual commissions. If you would like to sell the deal to Sandler Partners based on our Pay Me Now program (request information if you would like to sell your deals for cash rather than wait for the residuals to kick in), please make a note in the contract submission email.
Sandler Partners is committed to paying timely and accurate commissions.
Monthly commission statements will be available for viewing and download under
My Reports, as part of the Commissions Corner menu on your Sandler Partners Portal.
To ensure that you receive email updates in your Inbox when your commission statements are available online, please make sure to add to your email address book.
For all commissions inquiries, questions, concerns or comments, please visit the Commissions Corner in your Sandler Partners Portal to see our comprehensive FAQ, or send an email inquiry to:
Inquiries should include the following information:
  • Your Agency/Company Name:
  • Your Name:
  • Carrier:
  • Customer Name:
  • Customer Location:
  • BTN (if available):
  • Date of install:
  • Order / Account number (if available):
  • Agent Manager:
  • Notes:  
Our primary method of tracking pending commission payments is that all orders are correctly sent to (see above).
Please note: Commission checks are usually mailed out on or before the 15th of each month. First payments often take longer than expected. Many carriers only pay on collected revenue, meaning that commissions may not arrive until after the customer pays his or her first invoice. In acknowledgement of this delay, we advise that agents should not be overly concerned if they do not see a payment for three months after a customer is installed. If you have waited for longer than three months from the time that the customer has been installed without receiving payment, contact Sandler Partners. Similarly, a first month’s commission payment may be for a partial billing month and may be lower (or occasionally higher) than expected.

Sign up for Direct Deposit - With this electronic process, you will receive payment faster (funds post within 48 hours of issuing payment), you'll never again have to visit an ATM or bank branch to get paid and you will never experience a lost check in the mail.

To start receiving your monthly commission payments via ACH (direct deposit), please fill out the form under Sandler Documents and email it with a copy of a voided check to or fax both pages to (310) 546-3922.

Please do not hesitate to check the status of your commissions on a particular deal more than once. We appreciate your questions and consider them a secondary way for Sandler Partners to track commissions and to keep carriers honest.
Our goals are aligned with yours and we want to track down all payments.
For the following information:

If you have any questions regarding these items, please email our Quotes Team at

For other marketing specifics, email
  • Agent Web Portal Feature Requests
  • Communications Program Requests (info or services you would like to have added to our communications programs)
  • Materials Creation Suggestions and Requests
  • Press and Public Relations Requests
Sandler Partners is an agent for Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T Wireless.  We work as the back office to take all the heavy lifting out of selling wireless services and provide all major wireless carriers to your customers.  We specialize in providing the right product and service to the end-user, removing the usual hassles and confusion about dealing with the wireless carriers and plans while streamlining the process, the plans, and the equipment.
Selling wireless services allow you to add another revenue source to your bottom line while servicing your customer’s needs and creating further loyalty to do business with you and your organization.
Sandler Partners prides itself in understanding the best rate plans, products and carriers that will meet your customers’ needs.  We stay up to date on the latest discount plans and the best deals on new devices.
We are here to support you and assist with both building your business and servicing your customer. Reach out to the quotes team via email or (310) 796-1393 for cellular assistance.


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